"The Scientific Association of IT experts(الجمعية العلمية لخبراء المعلوماتية), is an association registered under the official legal procedures adopted within the Lebanese state, under the number: 253 registered in the Lebanese Ministry of Interior

Our Goals:

‎1- Finding a common base to gather, the IT graduates and working on increasing their knowledge, experience, and education.
‎2- Establishing a Union for the IT graduates and experts.
‎3- Declaring the importance and the impact of the IT on the modern societies, directing the candidates toward the related subjects in the IT environments.
‎4- Working on fining opportunities to the new graduates (members).
‎5- Providing the state of the Arts of technical solutions.
‎6- Publishing a periodical scientific articles and magazines.
7- Establishing a region to encourage the science studies and researches. Also making the conferences and the seminars. Building staff to get involved in the national and international scientific meetings and researches.
8- Building an open and continuous relationship with outside world especially the Arabic world to keep up following everything new with the high technologies.

Our Policies:
1- Working in partnership with high tech Companies and Universities to organize conferences and training seminars.
2- Participate in the high tech. exhibits and conferences and editing and publishing the outcome subjects.
3 -Considering the Association is core where is the basic of establishing a responsible union in an open market.
4- Making the association a main part of every move in the society related to the cultural, literal, educational and technical subjects.
5- Building centers of entertainments, social activities, and finding markets for the members in the association.


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